Financial Planning

As a successful business owner, you’ve proven your ability to create a revenue-generating enterprise. But did you know that even a high income and a profitable business don’t necessarily equate to achieving true financial independence?
Too many business owners find that out the hard way when an unexpected downturn can find them watching their financial security decline or even evaporate.
As advisors to business owners for over 35 years, we know that the skills involved in building a business are very different from what it takes to turn a revenue stream into wealth that lasts.
To achieve sustainable financial security, you need to create a financial life that is strong, diversified, and recession-proof.

The Value of Real Financial Planning

Sustainable wealth starts with financial planning. First, we clarify your long term goals and identify financial milestones. Then, we’ll help you find the right investment, insurance, tax, and estate planning strategies to accomplish your goals and minimize your vulnerabilities and blind spots. Once your financial plan is complete, ongoing coaching helps you stay on track so you actually achieve your goals.
As a firm dedicated to helping business owners, we know how hard it can be to focus on your own finances when you’ve got the pressures of running your business. Here’s why our approach is different:

Business and Personal Insurance Specialists

Your financial plan is not truly complete without proper protection planning, but many financial planners will refer you out to an insurance salesperson and just hope that person gets it right.
At Potomac, we’re also insurance specialists. We’ll help you analyze your needs, then we’ll help search out a product that accomplishes your goals for the lowest price possible.
Contact us today to learn how Potomac can help you reach your financial goals and turn today’s success into long-term, sustainable wealth.