Protect What You've Built With Comprehensive Insurance Services

Many financial professionals are happy to help you grow your wealth, but often they underappreciate your risks. But once you’ve worked hard to build it, you don’t want to incur big losses.
That’s why at Potomac, we help business owners grow wealth, but we also prioritize protecting what you’ve built.

Protecting Business Owners against Your Biggest Risks

As a business owner, you’ve got more risks than the average person. And likely your personal finances are closely correlated to that of your business. So at Potomac, we know that managing your risk is an important job, and we take it seriously.
Here’s what we do for you:

The key difference? Since we specialize in working with business owners, we understand your needs.

Everything we do starts with a comprehensive insurance needs analysis and a review of your existing coverages to ensure that your financial plan is aligned with your insurance protection needs.

All from an Independent Provider

As importantly, we’re independent. That means that you get real advice from an advisor, instead of being helped by a product representative. Once we help you define your needs, we work with you to find the best coverage for the best price.

Helping Business Owners Manage Risk for Over 3½ Decades

We’ve been helping business owners for over thirty-five years. Learn how our specialists can help you manage your risk and protect all you’ve built.
Insurance products are sold through Potomac Insurance Agency, Inc. Clients do not need to purchase insurance through Potomac Insurance Agency, which is a separate but affiliated entity.