Wealth Management and Insurance Protection Services Together

Many business owners struggle with turning today’s success into long-lasting financial security. To do that properly, you need to coordinate wealth management, financial planning, and insurance protection planning.
But that usually means engaging multiple professionals. This can lead to increased costs, conflicting advice, and implementation headaches, none of which you have time for.

Centralize Your Financial Advice with Specialists

That’s why at Potomac Financial Services, we have combined all these services and experts under one roof.
Because we specialize in working with business owners, we understand your unique challenges and pressures. We don’t just do this occasionally…we’ve been helping business owners for over three and a half decades.

Comprehensive Services for Your Best Financial Results

We offer a range of specialized services, all designed to meet the specific needs of business owners, under the umbrella of one professional relationship:

Building Wealth with Smarter Strategies

Getting your financial help in one place saves more than just time. By getting to know your business and financial needs, we can help you find and implement strategies to save on taxes, protect personal assets, and increase returns.
We have decades of experience helping business owners like you find and implement specialized approaches, whether you’re just starting up or if you have been in business for decades.

The Power of Independence

When you work with a name-brand firm, you’re likely working with a product representative, not a true advisor. This person is trained to sell you a product from their line of offerings. This limits your choices and often results in you overpaying for a name-brand product with no discernable benefits.
At Potomac, we’re an independent firm. We work with you to analyze and help determine your needs, then we’ll shop around to help you find the lowest cost product that can help you accomplish your goals.
Can we help you achieve your financial goals? Learn more about our wealth management and insurance services for business owners.
Insurance products are sold through Potomac Insurance Agency, Inc. Clients do not need to purchase insurance through Potomac Insurance Agency, which is a separate but affiliated entity.